Interactive Installation.

Funambulista in Edith Russ Haus für Medienkunst

Edith Russ Haus für Medienkunst. Oldenburg. 2014.


Sónar. Barcelona. 2013.

Funambulista is a playful installation that raises awareness of the number of commercial and political intrusions we experience daily in our minds. The piece invites the user to be a tight rope walker traveling unstably over the world.

A bar is placed above a Google Earth projection on the floor. The user walks on the bar controlling the map with their movements. If they fall down, the map is zoomed in to the coordinates where they are standing and receive audiovisual representations of both commercial and political terms and conditions.

Planta de l'instal·lació

Space needs: 3m x 3m / 3m minimum height / Internet Access

Material: 1 projector / 1 projector support / 2 speakers / 1 camera Kinect

Sónar (June 2013. Video from about the Market Lab in Sónar).

Funambulista in Edith Russ Haus für Medienkunst

Second prototype (November 2013. Kinect + Javascript + Google Earth API).

First prototype - Work in progress (June 2012. Processing + Moute).

Artist: Eva Domènech.

Year: 2013.

Collaborators and support:

Tony Higuchi, Philippe Bertrand, Jordi Planas, Chinos International CC


[EN] "The exhibition's main objective is to take interim stock of the most prominent tendencies in contemporary art in the first decade of the 21st century whose works are directly or indirectly influenced by the new languages of digital media, social network cultures, and networking processes—both in a formal and conceptual as well as in an aesthetic sense..."

Funambulista in "Generation i.2 - Aesthetics of the Digital in the 21st Century". Edith Russ Haus für Medienkunst. Germany.

[EN] "This installation was created in the IDEC's Digital Arts Master University (Pompeu Fabra University) by Eva Domènech. It invites the user to tightrope walk across a balance beam that passes through unstable regions of the world, reproduced on the floor by Google Earth. Funambulista is an exploration of social, economic, political and moral instability in the world in which we live and the way we interact with it..."

Sónar 2013

[ES] "En Market Lab destaca la presencia de Funambulista, una instalación interactiva de Eva Domènech, producida en el Master Universitario de Artes Digitales de IDEC (Universidad Pompeu Fabra). La pieza invita el usuario a convertirse en un funambulista, caminando sobre una barra de equilibrio que atraviesa las regiones inestables del mundo..."

El arte en la Edad del Silicio. El País.

[ES] "La catalana Eva Domènech es la artífice de otra de las instalaciones estrella que, bautizada con el nombre de 'Funambulista', invita a los presentes a subirse a una barra metálica a la vez que en el suelo se proyecta un mapa mundial gigante que se desplaza por ciudades y países al ritmo de los pasos del supuesto acróbata..."

La vanguardia

[CA] "Caminar per la corda fluixa
Al MarketLab, però, no tot és espai per a l'entreteniment, sinó que també hi ha lloc per a la denúncia. L'estudiant del Màster d'arts digitals de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra Eva Domènech duu al Sònar+D el seu projecte final de màster, Funambulista, seleccionat per la mateixa universitat..."

funambulista al Sónar.2013

Sónar. Barcelona. 2013.

funambulista al Sónar.2013

Sónar. Barcelona. 2013.